17 Mothers reunited with their families

Mass Incarceration has separated black mothers and care givers from their children, families and communities from it’s inception. When poor black mothers and caretakers are imprisoned, there is a huge hole left in their communities. Their families, communities and lives are broken.

Separating mothers and care givers from their families is not the solution. Instead, we help these families find stable support system to build their families and communities.

Children are the ones that carry the brunt of incarceration. They are left to fill in the gap of a motherless home.

Until we abolish bail and mass incarceration,  we have to free ourselves. One of our initiatives at Barred Business is “The Black Mama's Bailouts”, which goes beyond freeing mothers from pre-trial detention. We connect mothers with the supportive services they need once they are released from pre-trial detention centres. 

This year we were successful in raising funds to bail 17 mothers out in time for Mother’s Day. We held a welcome home event for them and their families where we gave them gift bags with gift cards, personal necessities. With your support we were are able to start placing them into our other initiative, the STABLE program where they will receive support of all kinds including.

A presentation was also demonstrated on positive thinking to ease them into their next step into STABLE program that focuses on the reform process.

While the system sometimes tries to break us down any form of support can be of a huge help, just letting someone know that you are there for them after they were incarcerated and giving them a second chance at life can improve out society and thats our mission at Barred Business.

We would like to extend huge thanks to all our sponsors who made these last few weeks a success. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help and we are truly grateful.

If you would like to help us or contribute to our other initiatives click here for more info.

You can view some of the activities we had during this event below:

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