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We offer virtual trainings and monthly in-person workshops to provide justice-impacted people in the Atlanta metro area with the critical digital skills they can use to get a job or start a business. As part of the Grow with Google Career Skills for the Justice-Impacted Program, we are using a curriculum developed by Google and five nonprofit organizations that work with formerly incarcerated people.  It’s designed for people with different levels of computer literacy, including beginners. It covers the following:


  • Getting Started with the Basics: everyday tasks; creating an email account and using email; doing an internet search; using Google drive (email, calendar, docs, meet)

  • Job Search: researching career paths; practical strategies for resume building; searching and applying for jobs online; networking; building your professional brand

  • Job Readiness: communication and collaboration; using spreadsheets to budget and track; making presentations; time management

  • Online Safety and Being Online: creating passwords; protecting yourself from online scams; managing your online presence; evaluating information online

  • “Next Step" Job Readiness Skills: project management; collaboration; entrepreneurial skills; video conferencing

Here are some recent recaps from our classes:

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