The STABLE Program is a certified 1 year program created  by incarcerated women to empower formerly incarcerated black women and girls and equip them with the proper tools and skills to surpass just surviving into a thriving small business owners while reducing recidivism and homelessness.

The program helps eight (8) women by providing a reformation home where they are taught political education; to learn their rights. They are assign a case manager as well as receive assistance through our Metro-Atlanta Participatory Defense Hub (MAP). Through out this program they would meet bi-weekly to cover discussion on  job readiness training and personal development; where they are taught the ins and out of preparing for job interviews, resume building sessions, credit repair, economic empowerment. We also assisted them in continuing their education; by helping to acquire transcripts or to get into GED programs.

At the end of the year the ladies will graduate and receive their certificate of completion, where they would then become mentors to the next set of participants for the following year.

Through the application of the 6 core pillars of the STABLE Program, we set our participants (lovingly known as world changers) up for success, growth, and paying this opportunity forward to their family, friends, and communities.

Pillar 1: S

Stabilize through obtaining and retaining stable housing. Barred Business Foundation provides housing for formerly incarcerated women and girls returning to their communities.

Pillar 2: T

Take off by securing employment.

Pillar 3: A

Advance by mastering their skill levels, therefore, advancing in the workforce.

Pillar 4: B

Blooming into entrepreneurship through taking small business and financial classes that give her access to capital

Pillar 5: L

Leveling up to owning their own small business

Pillar 6: E

Excel to having employees and mentees of their own.